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What Is The Inductive Bible Study Method?

What is the Inductive Bible Study method (IBS)? Simply, it is an approach to studying the Bible using inductive reasoning to gather information about a specific situation and to then draw conclusions using three basic steps. The steps are:

Observation - what does the passage say?

Interpretation – what does the passage mean?

Application – what does the passage mean for my life?

Other Bible study methods are available, but where IBS shines is in the second step of interpretation. Other methods exclude this step, which can lead us first to the wrong conclusions about what a passage means and then to an application that can miss the mark.

Inductive Bible Study Journal Features

* 90 days of journaling pages including prayer requests and praise reports

* Larger size provides more room for taking notes than other journals

* Introduction on using the Inductive Bible Study method

* Helpful resources (free and paid) to aid your studies

* Bible quotes to encourage and motivate you

* High quality design and affordable price

Daily Journal Page Layout

The heart of the journal is the daily page layout where you will record your notes as you study the Bible.

They have put together a fantastic journal to accompany your time in God's word. This journal lays the foundation for anyone wanting to learn how to teach the Bible or to simply study it deeper for themselves. It explains the Inductive Bible Study method in a  simple and clear way and it also gives you plenty of pages so that you can apply what you learned on the passages that you read. You will experience the Bible in a richer way as you observe, interpret and apply the wonderful word of God.

Shady Francis, Senior Pastor Calvary Chapel Lifeline

I am excited about the Bible Journal. This takes a tried and true method of studying the Bible and presents it in an easy-to-use style which can be applied by those who have been studying the Bible for years as well as a beginner.

This is such an effective tool that I am using it in our discipleship class at the church that I pastor.

Scott Engstrom, Senior Pastor Calvary Chapel Buena Park